domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Event description, you have here an example

My sons’ graduation party was on 14th December 2012. The day was really hot but it didn’t rain.
That day I slept a good siesta because I wanted to be relaxed. In the afternoon I worked as usually. When I returned home, I had a shower.  Then I went to the train station where my kids met their classmates. I went back home and dressed up and made up. I was in a hurry. I arrived to Circulo Argentino at 10.30 pm. Later, graduated students arrived. It was really exciting when we danced the waltz. I wore a long dress with black high heels. The upper part of my dress was red silk and the lower one was white, black and red striped flowered pattern. My son Franco wore a black suit , white shirt, red tie and black shoes. He was really handsome. Then we had dinner, it was delicious. Everybody danced, we had great fun. We went home almost at 6.30 am.

I was so happy, my sons finished a stage in their lives, secondary school.